Ayurveda (Indian Systems of Medicine)

district ayurveda hospital thodupuzha
District Ayurveda Hospital Thodupuzha

The traditional systems of medicine are of great relevance to the health care of the people. It is calculated that majority of world population are still relying on various traditional systems of medicine. Kerala is the first state in the country, which separate the traditional systems of medicine in to Ayurveda, sidha, Unani, Yoga & Naturopathy respectively.


Comprehensives and cost effective health care through Indian Systems of Medicine.


By improving quality of primary, secondary and tertiary health service delivery. Through prevention, curation promotion and protection of health of people by means of traditional systems of medicine.


The department of Indian Systems of Medicine comes under Department of Ayush Kerala, headed by the secretary. The department of Indian Systems of Medicine is controlled and administered by the director. Field administration is controlled by 14 District Medical Officers. Apart from this to aid and advice the director there are Administrative Officer, Accounts Officer and Administrative assistant at the directorate.

Organizational structure within the District.

Under the District medical Office in Idukki district, Indian Systems of Department there are 67 institution situated.

They are classified in the following way

  1. Ayurveda Hospital – 3
  2. Government Ayurveda Dispensry – 45
  3. Government Ayurveda Tribal Dispensary – 5
  4. NHM Dispensary -10
  5. NHM Sidha Dispensary – 3
  6. Government Sidha Dispansary – 1

Officers Details Under Indian Systems of Medicine Department Idukki

District Medical Office Idukki
Sl No Institution Name Telephone Number E-mail ID
1 DMO Idukki DMO Dr. K.C. Radhamony 04862232318 ismidukki[at]
2 DMO Idukki Senior Superindent S.R. Keralavarmma 04862232318 ismidukki[at]
3 DMO Idukki Head Clerk P.U.Praveen 04862232318 ismidukki[at]
Sl No Institution Name Telephone Number E-mail ID
1 DAH Thodupuzha Dr. Kurian M.K  not available dahidukki[at]gmail[dot]com
2 DAH (Annex) Paremavu Dr. Anaghan C 04862232420 dahannexparemavu[at]gmail[dot]com
3 GAH Kallar Dr. Manoj V. Kumar 04868222185 gahkallar[at]gmail[dot]com
4 GAD Alakodu Dr. U.B. Sheeja  not available gadalakode[at]gmail[dot]com
5 GAD Anachal Dr. Bishnu S Prasad 4865563384 gadanachal12[at]gmail[dot]com
6 GAD Arakulam Dr. Geena Mary Varghese  not available gadarakulam[at]gmail[dot]com
7 GAD Baisonvalley Dr. Rehna V K  not available gadbaisonvalley1[at]gmail[dot]com
8 GAD Chelachuvadu Dr. Digi T.D.  not available gadchelchuvadu[at]gmail[dot]com
9 GAD Chemmannar Dr. Divya Davis  not available gadchemmannar[at]gmail[dot]com
10 GAD Chinnakanal Dr.Hiran Mary Thomas K  not available ism.chinnakanal[at]gmail[dot]com
11 GAD Devikulam Dr. Renjini Mathews  not available gaddevikulam[at]gmail[dot]com
12 GAD Erattayar Dr. Jinesh J Menon 4868276999 gaderattayar[at]gmail[dot]com
13 GAD Ezhalloor Dr. Mini P  not available gadezhalloor[at]gmail[dot]com
14 GAD Edamalakkudy Dr. Aneesh Sarma(Additional Charge)  not available gadedamalakudy[at]gmail[dot]com
15 GAD Kamakshy Dr. Reshmi M 4868275400 gadkamakshy[at]gmail[dot]com
16 GAD Kanchiyar Dr. Asitha A.J. 4868259488 gadkanchi2014[at]gmail[dot]com
17 GAD Kanjikuzhy Dr. Hima Alias  not available gadkanjikuzhy[at]gmail[dot]com
18 GAD Kanthalloor Dr.Aravind S.  not available gadkanthallur[at]gmail[dot]com
19 GAD Karadikuzhy Dr. Dona Abraham Mattam  not available ayurdisp.karadikuzhy[at]gmail[dot]com
20 GAD Karimkunnam Dr. Jyothilekshmi L 4862242010 gadkarimkunnam999[at]gmail[dot]com
21 GAD Karimannoor Dr. Tellus Kurian  not available gad123karimannoor[at]gmail[dot]com
22 GAD Kattappana Dr. Ancy Thomas 4868252418 gadktpna[at]gmail[dot]com
23 GAD Kodikulam Dr. Joseph Thomas 4862280060 gadkodikulam[at]gmail[dot]com
24 GAD Kokkayar Dr. Harimohan C M  not available gadkokkayar[at]gmail[dot]com
25 GAD Kudayathoor Dr.Jilson V George  not available gadkudayathoor07[at]gmail[dot]com
26 GAD Kumaly Dr. K K Geena  not available gadkumaly[at]gmail[dot]com
27 GAD Marayoor Dr. Aneesh V Sarma  not available marayoorgad[at]gmail[dot]com
28 GAD Mlamala Dr. Anjana Surendran  not available gadmlamala[at]gmail[dot]com
29 GAD Muttom Dr. Roselin Jose 4862255060 gadmuttom[at]gmail[dot]com
30 GAD Mullaringadu Dr. Sabeena P. J.  not available gadmullaringad1[at]gmail[dot]com
31 GAD Munnar Dr. Sreedarsan K.S.  not available gadmunnar[at]gmail[dot]com
32 GAD Pachady Dr. Thankamma J  not available gadpachady[at]gmail[dot]com
33 GAD Pallivasal Dr. Preejush P Soman  not available gadpallivasal[at]gmail[dot]com
34 GAD Perinchamkutty Dr. Hemesh P Joshy  not available gadperinjankutty[at]gmail[dot]com
35 GAD Peruvanthanam Dr. Anupama M.V.  not available gadperuvanthanam15[at]gmail[dot]com
36 GAD Pooppara Dr. C. R. Mini  not available gahpooppara[at]gmail[dot]com
37 GAD Puthupariyaram Dr. Suja sebastain 4862202098 gadppridukki[at]gmail[dot]com
38 GAD Rajakkadu Dr. M. S Noushad  not available gadrajakkad[at]gmail[dot]com
39 GAD Rajakumari Dr. Simla K.S  not available gadrajakumari[at]gmail[dot]com
40 GAD Udumbannoor Dr. Vineeth R  not available gadudmbr[at]gmail[dot]com
41 GAD Upputhodu Dr. Sheena M K  not available upputhodu2016[at]gmail[dot]com
42 GAD Varickamuthan Dr. Dileep V. V  not available gadvarikkamuthan[at]gmail[dot]com
43 GAD Vatikuyy Dr. Krishnapriya K B  not available gadvathikudy[at]gmail[dot]com
44 GAD Vattavada Dr. Rajahams Sasi  not available gadvattavada2016[at]gmail[dot]com
45 GAD Vandanmedu Dr. Veena R  not available gadvandanmedu[at]gmail[dot]com
46 GAD Vazhithala Dr. Bindhu M  not available gadvazhithala[at]gmail[dot]com
47 GAD Velliyamatom Dr. Shylaja C.K  not available gadvelliyamattom[at]gmail[dot]com
48 GAMD Painavu Dr. A.P Hassan(Additional charge)  not available gamd1painavu[at]gmail[dot]com
Sl No Institution Name E-mail ID
49 GATD Chambakkadu Dr. Pradeepkumar P gadchambakkadu[at]gmail[dot]com
50 GATD Kanchiyar Dr. Jinesh J. Menon(Additional Charge) gadkanchiyar[at]gmail[dot]com
51 GATD Kuruthikkalam Dr. Deepthy M U gadkurithikkalam2017[at]gmail[dot]com
52 GATD Mannamkandom Dr. Jithu C Soman gadkuruthikkalam2017[at]gmail[dot]com
53 GATD Naliyani Dr. Nishamol M drnishasandeep[at]gmail[dot]com
Sl No Institution Name E-mail ID
54 GSD Pallivasal Dr. Shabu George pallivasalgsd[at]gmail[dot]com
Sl No Institution Name E-mail ID
55 NHM Adimaly Dr. Ambily Vijayan drambilyvijayan[at]gmail[dot]com
56 NHM Ayyappankovil Dr. Suvi V ayyappankovilnhmayur[at]gmail[dot]com
57 NHM Chakkupallam Dr. Abhishek P nhmchakkupallam[at]gmail[dot]com
58 NHM Edavetty Dr. Joson Jacob nhmedavetty[at]gmail[dot]com
59 NHM Elappara Dr. Ajithkumar C nhmayurvedaelappara[at]gmail[dot]com
60 NHM Karunapuram Dr.Binoy B. drbinoy99[at]gmail[dot]com
61 NHM Konnathadi Dr. Rence P Varghese drrence[at]gmail[dot]com
62 NHM Kumaly Dr. Neethu Prasad dr.neethuprasad[at]gmail[dot]com
63 NHM Manakkadu Dr. Krishnaprasad krishnaprasad.sreekumaran[at]gmail[dot]com
64 NHM Mankulam Dr. Adarsh P adarshayu[at]gmail[dot]com
65 NHM Udumanchola Dr. Sreejith Sivan drsreejithsivan[at]gmail[dot]com
66 NHM Upputhara Dr. Sunil Mathew lovelydeliz[at]gmail[dot]com
67 NHM Vandipperiyar Dr. Neethu V.S drneethuvs[at]gmail[dot]com